• Class Styles

    Ballet RAD

    The comprehensive Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D) classical ballet syllabus is taught by our highly qualified teachers. It provides a great foundation for all styles of dance improving flexibility, core strength, grace and posture. Students are welcome to attend class for fun or those who wish to undergo RAD examinations may do so for students 7 years and over. Students who wish to sit their exams are required to attend 2 ballet classes each week and Exam Preparation Workshops.

  • Ready Set Dance

    Our Ready Set Dance program is perfect for both boys and girls, an energetic 45 minute combo class that includes Jazz, Hip Hop, Singing and Music. Our tiny dancers just love busting out their funky moves, singing like a star, learning rhythm on our animal safari and going bananas with all our cool music tracks created especially for Ready Set Dance by the top music producers from the Australian Kids television industry. Although not compulsory our pre-schoolers have the opportunity to perform in both mid and end of year special preschool performances that last for 30 minutes and there is plenty of opportunity for parents to view class during the term.

  • Ready Set Ballet

    Swim with mermaids, twirl rainbow ribbons and ride the tutu train. A 30 minute magical ballet experience for 3 - 4 year olds. Our experienced Ready Set Ballet teachers will lead our little ballet dancers through each step of the class as they learn the fundamentals of ballet. Ready Set Ballet music has been specifically designed to capture the beauty of classical ballet in a way that engages preschoolers from the first warm up to the final bow. Although not compulsory our pre-schoolers have the opportunity to perform in both mid and end of year special preschool performances and there is plenty of opportunity for parents to view class during the term.

  • Jazz

    One of the fundamentals of dance, jazz is forever changing to suit today's world. From film clips to Broadway show stoppers, this versatile style not only develops great dancers but boosts each student's creativity, confidence and ability to retain information. Note for our high school students jazz is split, dancers can enrol into our Musical Theatre jazz or commercial jazz depending on their preference of style.

  • Lyrical Contemporary

    Lyrical Contemporary is the perfect class for those who wish to combine their love of classical ballet with modern dance. Featuring controlled, fluid movements and expressive routines, this class allows for personal expression, building on the fundamentals of modern dance.

  • Technique

    Technique is essential in ensuring the ongoing success of any dancer. This custom-made conditioning class focuses on strength, flexibility and a myriad of dance basics to enable greater expression and freedom of movement— technique class is strongly recommended for those enrolled in a Jazz or Lyrical Contemporary class and Open ballet for our Year 6 + exam students .

  • Hip Hop

    Step Up, Honey even Footloose all feature different forms of Hip Hop. In our Hip Hop classes students are taught everything from high energy to Lyrical Hip Hop, age appropriate routines suitable for both boys and girls by our highly trained, industry professionals.

  • Glee Club

    Who doesn't love Glee Club? This class combines all the elements of a great vocal and performance class boosting confidence, co-ordination and group camaraderie.

  • Musical Theatre

    This class for ages 12 + will focus on learning proper dance and vocal techniques while exploring the various Broadway shows. Emphasis will also be placed on learning performance skills such as connecting with the audience and telling a story through dance.

  • Acrobatics

    Cartwheels, handstands and walk overs! If you like to be upside down this class is for you, taught by our qualified acrobatics teachers children train their flexibility and strength and learn the tricks of the gymnastic floor.

  • Performance Group

    Performance groups are by invitation only and are for committed dancers. To be eligible you must be taking at least 2 classes with NBSOD, please speak to your teacher for more information. Performance groups will perform at the NBSOD mid year and end of year performances, local eisteddfods and community events.


Timetable 2018

Download the 2018 Timetable by Age here

Download the 2018 Timetable by Day here

  • Dance Wear Suppliers:

    Option one: BLOCH
      Westfield Chatswood, # 9412 1550
      117 York St City, # 9261 2856
      Warringah Mall Brookvale, # 9905 0088

    Option two: www.balletstuff.com.au

    Order ballet character skirts here www.twcnetwork.com.au/ellis

  • Events

    Term Dates 2018

    Term 1    February 9 to April 15
    Term 2    May 1 to July 2
    Term 3    July 23 to September 28
    Term 4    October 15 to December 8

    Classes cancelled due to public holidays 2016

    March 30, 31 & April 2      Easter
    June 11      Queens Birthday

    Performances 2018

    Mid year informal performance
    Date: TBC
    Venue: TBC

    End of year formal performance 2018:
    Date: TBC
    Venue: Shore Performing Arts Centre North Sydney

  • “I have been at NBSOD since I was 5 years old and I have always loved coming to dance classes. I think that NBSOD is the perfect place to learn many different styles of dance, I do ballet, jazz, technique and an eisteddfod group, it is so much fun.
    Since I was little one of my favourite dance things in the year is the end of year concert because we get to dance on a big stage and dress up in costume and perform in front of our friends and family and the feeling that you get when you”re performing on that stage is amazing”

    Kate Carey - age 12